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This blog is for the women who have loved ones they are willing to stand in the gap for in front of the Almighty.

Pray for the Lord's will and not your own. Pray for protection. Pray for the life of someone you love to be changed and transformed into what the Lord would have for that person.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011


I don't have a picture or a bible verse today just a happy heart and I want to thank God for it. I don't want to forget to thank the Lord or to overlook His kindness. It is good to feel loved by God and it is good that He helps me learn to love myself.

I am experiencing growth and healing in my life and it is good. Peace is more precious than anything and family. How wonderful it is to be loved and to love. Kylie is so wonderful and she has such a good heart. I am surrounded by the people I love and who care for me. Friends and family. To be free to nestle into the love of the Lord and experience peace, it is a taste of heaven surely. 

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